Tuesday, 16 October 2012



Cracks Hill.

As Sunday was a really warm sunny day we decided to walk the round three miles to Crick to treat ourselves to a roast lunch at the newly refurbished Weatsheaf Inn. All the dark woodwork had been freshened up with light coloured paint which gave the place a light and airy feel. Bottle chose roast beef and I fancied lamb at £8.95 each. It wasn’t that busy so we chose a table and sat sipping our drinks. The meals arrived with the meat and gravy on top and all the vegetables hidden underneath. We had two thick slices of meat each, but they were quite undercooked. Bottle couldn’t cut through his and asked for a steak knife, which wasn’t up to the job either. Needless to say we returned the meals as inedible and said we would pay for the drinks only. A young chap came out (probably the landlord), took our money and said he would be happy to eat those meals, so we thought he was welcome to them, and left.

When I walked down the muddy track to the little shop in Yelvertoft village I went to look at the bus time-table. There was a notice attached to the post which said the council regretted that the daily bus service between Northampton and Rugby had ceased. There was a phone number which you could ring 24 hours in advance to book a journey on the R-R Bus. What a shame that local people did not use their bus service and therefore it had become unviable. It is also a disaster for us car less boaters who often rely on the buses for shopping purposes.

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