Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Icecream.

IMG_2152 wide view

The views from the top of Foxton locks are spectacular, especially the ever changing skies.

IMG_2151 zoomed inHere is the zoomed in version of the top picture through the gap in the tree line. Rainclouds can be seen dropping their contents miles away, then the clouds move and the sun shines through again, sometimes!

Our Daughter and Grandson came to visit us for the day, luckily it was sunny, but with quite a cool breeze now and then. After chatting through coffee and having a warming lunch aboard we took him exploring down the locks. He was fascinated by the boats coming up and helped to open and close the lock gates for them. He saw a picture of an ice-lolly and asked if he could have one. We asked if he had had one before and the answer was no. So we suggested a chocolate ice-cream in a cone thinking it would be less messy. How wrong we were, Grandson only got chocolaty ice-cream chin and cheeks. However Bottle somehow managed to come off worse by getting it over his coat and trousers! We spent a really lovely day together and managed to answer all the questions we were asked by  such an inquisitive young boy!

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