Wednesday, 10 October 2012


IMG_2217 fb Callisto     IMG_2220 Khali

Luckily we learnt from the discussion forum that the fuel boat Callisto was in the area. A walk along the canal found Mark busy at another boat, so we asked him to stop at Oakfield to deliver some bags of coal for us.

IMG_2221 Khali     IMG_2222

He also has a boat dog overseer called Khali, she was a rescue dog and sat patiently on the cabin roof in the sunshine waiting to move on. Mark circulates around the Leister canal ring on average every four weeks selling his wares. It was a pleasure to meet him and Khali and to help keep the fuel boat trade lively into the future. As we live-aboard their services are vital to us because we don’t enjoy the luxury of being hooked up to electricity in a marina.

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