Thursday, 1 November 2012

Orange Wednesday.


Well, it has been fairly busy with boats passing in both directions, mainly at nice slow speeds too. Anyway Bottle contacted Orange to acquire their two-for-one offer cinema tickets. So we briskly walked down the towpath to catch the bus at Buckby Wharf just before Bridge 13. I was quite excited as we boarded the bus for the hour and a half journey to Coton Park on the outskirts of Rugby. One ticket was £6.50 and the other one was free, amazing value! We waited in the queue with people eagerly holding buckets of popcorn, bags of sweets, sandwiches and giant cold drinks. I wonder why filmgoers feel the need to munch their way through such a spectacular film? We had our snack before we went into watch the film ‘Skyfall’ which was fantastic! A brilliant plot with chases and fights on trains and in the underground tube, in various cars and motorbikes. Spectacular special effects that made me jump, with the Aston Martin DB5 appearing in the rugged Scottish landscape towards the end.

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