Monday, 1 October 2012



We moored just above Bridge 60 where there was a gap in the hedge for good signals and sun to shine on us. Foxton Locks were pretty busy over the weekend when we walked down to the junction.

IMG_2111This red plaque on the wall of the Inclined Plane Museum proclaims that it and the locks are now a ‘Transport Heritage Site’.

IMG_2114Saturday afternoon ‘nb Matts Dream’ was moored in by Bridge 61 selling beautifully crafted cup-cakes with tea or coffee to raise funds for the Meningitis Trust.  I bought some chocolate ones to take away and they were delicious. In the evening we had arranged to meet up with Mike and Gerry nb Tubbs for a meal in the Foxton Locks Inn. They told us that the total raised for the Meningitis Trust was £330, so well done to them. We had a lovely meal and of course plenty to talk about because we hadn’t seen them for a long time. Sunday afternoon we sat outside the Bridge 61 with a Guinness to do some gongoozling ! Monday was spent going to Market Harborough by bus for a few essentials and to take some books etc to the charity shop. We noticed that a new Waitrose was nearing completion very near to Sainsbury's adding a bit more variety.

IMG_2115Tuesday nb Triskeadika came to moor in front of us and John came aboard for coffee while he was waiting for Sam to come to do his oil change. We have briefly chatted to John and Ali in several places in passing, but this was the first time we had managed to moor together. In the afternoon we made our way along to the top of the locks ready to descend. There were already six boats cuing and we had to pass them to get a mooring space on the lock bollards. Of course then we were accused of cue jumping! With plenty of time to spare a snack lunch was bought from the cafe there and we helped everyone into the top lock. Well there were two boat crews who seemed unable to do anything for themselves which slowed up the whole process somewhat! Then we were told to wait in the middle pound while three boats came up past us. This turned out to be four, so it took us nearly three hours to get to the bottom. Why is it when you help others with the locks that most of them cannot manage to say ‘thank you’ I wonder ? As we were filling with water at the bottom the crew of the new Fernwood boat ‘What a Lark’ came past and stopped chatting. Needless to say we were rather tired after all this and were glad to put our feet up with a drink while our dinner was in the oven. Thank goodness it was a beautiful sunny day, although there was a fairly cool breeze too.

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