Monday, 8 October 2012


IMG_2149 Slug

It is a short walk along the canal to Foxton Village to catch the bus into Market Harborough where we have been to do our shopping. The buses run every hour now, which is an excellent service. However with the council cutbacks they may soon be running every two hours, or by request if pre-booked. I still think this is good as there weren’t that many people using them when we travelled. Maybe the two-hourly run will carry more customers.

The grass was wet when we came up the locks where I saw this big black slug. Whilst waiting for the top lock to fill up I saw a small furry head pop out of the flowerbed there. Apparently it was a Stoat, it ran back across the grass, then stood on it’s hind legs to look around, before darting back into the undergrowth. IMG_2201 Rabbit

Apparently they like the Rabbits which abound here! Although the area around the locks is immaculately kept by the lock keepers there are still some wild areas left for the wildlife to thrive in.

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