Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welford Arm.

IMG_2226     IMG_2227

We spent a peaceful night in the countryside here in one of our favourite mooring spots. It has turned rather cold in the evenings so we have been firing up the Squirrel on occasions. Although there seem to be quite a few boats of various kinds on the move there aren’t that many moored by the towpath. Have some of them retreated into marinas I wonder? There are quite a few designated winter mooring sites where boaters have to book and pay extra to moor from October to March. Most of these are empty and we will be using them, unless someone comes along with papers saying it’s their booked spot, then we will move. Of course we will not be breaking the rules of the waterways by overstaying the general permitted mooring times.

Moving on, we had a beautiful bright clear days cruising, meeting many oncoming boats usually by bridge-holes or moored boats! Anyway we found a nice sunny spot to stay just past Yelvertoft Marina.

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