Friday, 26 October 2012



A misty-moisty morning at Crick.

As we were getting nearer to our friends on their boat we made contact and planned to meet up together. So we left Yelvertoft and cruised along zig-zag fashion in the wind to Crick where the buses still run and are luckily well used. We made our way into Rugby to meet Lynne and Paul mid-week in our favourite place beginning with a ‘W’. To our surprise they had seen Del and Al pass them on nb Derwent 6 and they came too. Well the six of us had a great deal to talk over having cruised in different directions throughout the summer season. There was much laughter over some of the stories that were told over lunch and we all made our way back in different directions. We hope to all meet up over the winter months again. Meanwhile we all follow each others blogs, but it is so much more exciting to meet up together occasionally for a good rabbit!

Fellow bloggers Angela and John, nb Ellen, called in to see us while walking their little dog Maisie and invited us around for coffee. So we trotted around to the marina to find them and spent several hours chatting over coffee with a selection of delicious homemade cakes!

IMG_2237 Maisie nb Ellen     IMG_2241 stroke me

Maisie knew the warmest place to lie to enjoy her chew, then she had a snooze.  on waking up she popped around on the arm of the chair with a ‘go on stroke me’ look on her face.

IMG_2245 Red Lion Inn IMG_2246 Red Lion Inn

We trundled up to the Red Lion Inn for Sunday lunch of roast beef with a pudding to follow, all very nice, piping hot and reasonably priced. We arrived just after twelve when they open and in quarter of an hour the dining areas were all full with about fifty-ish people. It is a snug cosy pub with three fire-places, but only one real coal fire. Crick is a lovely village with a lively community spirit with four pubs/restaurants, a church and chapel, Co-op and PO Stores and a junior school. Dirft ( Daventry Interchange Road Freight Terminal) is nearby. There is also the hourly bus service between Rugby and Northampton. Although it is a bustling place the towpath moorings by the marinas are fairly quiet, with only the Moorhens to be heard overnight, sneezing!

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