Sunday, 30 September 2012



We watered up on the bend at Yelvertoft and the poor old narrow boat moored there is totally unloved and covered in green algae, shame.

IMG_2104However the flowers in the rockery of the house there looked as spectacular as usual.

IMG_2103      IMG_2101

We rally like the patterned brickwork on this lovely cottage and what a brilliant design the chimney is. There are inbuilt holes at it’s base which would give a good draw to encourage the fire to burn up well.

IMG_2105 B49     IMG_2108

The cows were slowly ambling across Bridge 49 after being relieved of their milk and some of the hay had been gathered into large round bales.

IMG_2106 B50 it was a beautiful sunny morning as we passed under Bridge 50 getting nearer to Foxton.


Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Hi both.

Hope that the blacking went ok and the weather is being kind. Also hope that your winter mooring is now sorted. We have abandoned the old girl ( the boat not Ali!) and are now home although will pop down on a regular basis.

No doubt we will meet again in the coming year.

Lisa said...

That old green boat covered with slime was towed away a day or so before we saw you...
Hope all well with you both,