Monday, 9 November 2009

Braunston Church

We set off fairly early, on approaching the first lock a boat was just leaving, going in the same direction as us, he said he would wait at the next lock, well after sometime, we had to empty and then refill the lock, we caught him up.
We progressed up the locks in a steady fashion and given his apparent age, he was very sprightly, did his fair share of the work.
Walkers (gongoozlers) got chatting to us, one of them had a Dutch Barge that he was about to ship to the continent, they left and headed off towards the tunnel, a little while later they were on their return, anyway to cut a long story short we ended up giving them a lift through the tunnel, a first for both of them, they did enjoy the experience and dropped off on at the other end happily set off to walk back to Braunston  over the top.

We carried on to Long Buckby, no spaces above the lock full, of BW work boats and long term moorers, so we went down the first lock and moored there. The plan was to eat at the The New Inn (by the lock) but Wozie noticed, on the way down that the kitchen closed at 2:30, it was after 2:30, just.
It was decided to have a snack and go there in the evening, the food is basic, plenty of it and good value.

We left our mooring just as another boat (Penshala, 34' long) moved off we shared locks with them, it went very well considering their length compared to ours (60'), a pleasant trip was taken to Weedon except where the canal and the motorway are within  a few yards of each other, the noise level was horrendous.

This looks idyllic but just the other side of the hedge is the motorway.

A dull morning but it was time to move, we needed water, the water point was only a few boats up, on approaching it another boat was coming in the opposite direction, signalled our intention and eventually he acknowledged but also indicated he was going there to, we made  it together, just enough room for both of us.
A long conversation ensued, as we waited for our tanks to fill, he was a local livaboard and had an opinion on most things, we eventually left, along time after both our tanks were full.
We eventually got to Bugbrooke a journey nearly all at tick-over due to moored boats and a fishing match, now fishermen are not always the happiest of people but this lot were all-right and appreciated that we travelled on the 'wrong side' of the canal so as not to ruin their swims (technical term for where the line goes in the water and where the fish are, hopefully).
Moored at Bugbrooke and had Sunday Lunch in The Wharf, I thought it expensive for the food served.

The plan is to go for a walk round the village.

Just noticed it is coffee time, the walk is delayed.

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