Saturday, 28 November 2009

It'll Soon Be Over

Christmas that is, we had a stroll round Leighton Buzzard last night as it was the start of their Christmas.
The lights were switched on and there was a fair.


nyrtle said...

Where's Father Christmas?
I hope there was mulled wine and roast pork filled rolls, to warm you on the chilly nights of late.
We've just arisen from our cosy nest, although hovering on the edges of the bed is intersting while the wee one has the vast middle area!

Wozie said...

Atternoon all,
We seemed to have missed FC and the switching on of the lights as SOMEONE said it was at 8pm, but it had all happened by the time we got there. There was plenty of mulled wine, hot dogs, chips hot chestnuts and candyfloss but we had just had tea so didin't indulge in anything.
I have to keep warm sawing up all the wood!
Did you have a good breakfast in nest?

nyrtle said...

After the Saturday paper was purchased my odd-job man also brought me a cuppa T. In the pursuit of said paper he managed to get a muddy bottom, very slippery these canal banks.
Two mucky lads in the house!