Friday, 20 November 2009

Leighton Buzzard to "Maffers"

We lurked around in Leighton Buzzard with breaking waves on the canal waiting for a lull in the high winds. What a lovely place to lurk around too! Not only do they have an abundance of individual little shops and a Tesco, but also a Morrisons at the other end of the town.
Anyway we set off early this morning as the wind speed had dropped significantly.
We didn't encounter many moving boats along the route and it was good having the waterway all to ourselves.
We did share many locks with another boat though which made the journey more interesting.
The only gongoozelers we saw was this long row of seagulls. Are they able to catch fish in the canal as they swoop across the water btw?
We moored up at Marsworth for a very late lunch on the boat under the crescent moon with a beautiful sunset.
Marsworth was a key location on the Grand Union between Braunston and London for the old working boatmen which they affectionately referred to as "Maffers".

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