Thursday, 26 November 2009

Landlubbers or cruisers?

We returned to moor here opposite the latest canalside development by Redrow Homes.
The sign informs that,
"Enjoying the view? This could be home. Two bedroom apartments from £155.995 !"
This is a bit of a joke as apart from the canal they look out onto metal warehouses, very nice.
The feature garden is nicely laid out with imitation lockbeams. The place is brightly floodlit every night, which makes it easy to find our way back to the boat.
We had a wander around the town and visited their conveniences which were awarded five star status this year, quite rightly so. The town noticeboard displays photos and DOB of seven ASBO characters who are banned from entering the town centre, I thought this was a good idea.
Overall it is a great, well kept place which we like very much.


Wozie said...

In case you're wondering where this is, it's Leighton Buzzard.
Is there anybody out there?
If there is it would be nice to communicate with you occasionally.

Dave Winter said...

Yes I'm here.Your on my nightly reading list together with the other narrowboaters.
One day I will have my own Nb.
Great blog.Keep it up.
Dave Winter (brassiclint) on Twitter

Bottle said...

Hi Dave
Good luck with getting your own narrow boat, have you found, yet, a virtual community of people that enjoy the canals.
Boat not necessary ;-)
ps. Like your taste in boats.

Dave Winter said...

Hi Wozie,
Thanks for your good wishes.
I will be getting one when my caring duties finish.
The nearest place I can get to is Leighton Buzzard or Tring as I can't be away for more than 2 hours.
Yes I know every boat builder,marina,web cam,web site and everything going so I am well informed.Just can't wait but it will be a sad time as well for me,still life goes on eh!
I will have a look at the new marina being built at Grove Lock just to be nosey when I can get away.
Take care,have a safe winter on the cut.

bottle said...


We will be at Leighton Buzzard till Tuesday morning.
From Tesco's south under bridge, opposite new flats.
Tea or coffee?

Dave Winter said...

Hi Bottle,(Great name)
I shall try to get to see you on Monday about 11:30am.This depends on the condition of the old girl.It will be great to meet you.
Coffee please.
Can or bottle?

Bottle said...

That's fine by us, looking forward to seeing you.

Dave Winter said...

Hi,Wozie & Bottle,
Many thanks for the coffee and a tour of that lovely Narrowboat of yours.I hope to see you again when you are passing by.
As Bruce Forsyth says "Your my favourite" :-)
See my blog for the picture.Yes I have actually started it but only for boaty things at the moment.
Take care.