Sunday, 15 November 2009

Great Linford to Simpson

As we have had gales for the last few days we stayed put swaying about on our mooring at Gt Linford. We enjoyed a walk across the well manicured park up to The Nags Head for lunch on Saturday. Although it was very blustery it wasn't bad enough to keep the fishermen at home. A chap in front of our boat pulled out a very large Perch using a fairly small rod. We bunged the windows up, lit the fire and sat sewing and reading for the rest of the day.
Today we set off in warm sunshine and blue sky through the various green park-lands of Milton Keynes and moored up at Simpson. After a late lunch we went for a walk and gathered some firewood.


Peruvian Skies said...

Hi Keep up the blogging, we are keen readers. Great to see how you are getting on with your new boat. We are very keen to know how are getting on with your generator setup but don't feel this is something that should be covered on a blog! To answer your question that you posted on our blog, we have done a fair bit this summer, currently on the Trent & Mersey. Due to a few reasons we have stopped updating our blog, but if you follow up this comment this should lead you to our email address and we can give you a full update. Sure we will meet up sometime.

bottle said...

Hi Peruvian Skies

The generator setup is OK. The problem, we had, of inverter/charger, generator not 'talking' to each other has been traced (probably) to a transistor on the printed circuit board. A new board is on its way from Holland.