Sunday, 22 November 2009


If you remember I said yesterday that Wozie announced Sunday lunch was to be at the local hostelry.
A short walk was taken to the Red Lion in the village by bridge 130 on entering it did not look good, not the décor the amount of people in the bar (1) and the lounge (0).
Ordered the beers and asked whether food was available , yes, retired to the lounge to peruse the menu, well basic is the word and no roast.
Decision made we drank our beers and departed for the longer walk to the White Lion at bridge 132, altogether different, two families already dining together, some tables reserved, we found a table for two and I checked at the bar whilst ordering drinks as to availbility of food, no problem, drinks served and informed that they would come to us to take our order.
Two 'roasts' ordered, one beef, one lamb and the only way to describe them was, excellent, five different vegetables and all the trimmings.
After a suitable respite, deserts were ordered, one cheesecake and one sticky toffee pudding.
A walk to the reservoir afterwards soon got rid of any cobwebs and then a slow walk back to Oakfield and an afternoon siesta.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

The Red and White Lions sound bit of a turn round, I always use to rate the Red Lion quite highly.
The Anglers Retreat always use to be worth a visit.

nblazydays said...

The red lion is always better for beer and as far as food goes it is a very difficult call. We have probably had the best and worst Sunday lunch of the three at the Anglers retreat (on two separate occasions, I hasten to add) The Red lion is constantly changing management but we have had some very good meals there, probably the best quality overall. The Red Lion is consistent and although the menu is basic it is not too bad as far as bar food goes. How do we know well we used to go to this area most weekends for over three years when we were moored at Cowroast.

nblazydays said...

Sorry I meant to say that the white Lion is constantly changinging management etc..not the Red Lion.

bottle said...

I think this just proves that on the day, we thought the White Lion the better of the two and others on different days had different experiences.
We did not eat at the Red Lion becaus we wanted a 'Sunday roast',the food may be of top quality if you want a basic menu, which we may well do on another day.
Whoever is managing the White Lion, at the moment, has the 'Sunday roast'right but, of course, that is no guarantee it will be the same management/quality next time. Like all pubs and restaurants, it sometimes is the luck of the draw.

Alan said...

Guess who went to RED Lion for Sunday lunch then, and therefore failed to meet the boat crew that switched to the WHITE Lion!

No damage done. Our meal in the RED Lion was absolutely first rate, (but we are "veggies" who don't seek out traditional roasts). The London Pride in the Red Lion also beats the standard that the other two Marsworth pubs usually hit with their ales. We like the Angler's and the White Lion, but I'm rapidly becoming a convert to the Red Lion. (Good news, because once on or new mooring, it's the easiest to boat to!).

bottle said...


Sorry to have missed you, went to the Anglers Rest today (Teusday), expecting to move north tomorrow weather dependant.