Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Planning Was Excellent


 The carrying out of the plan not so.

We planned to move the short distance, about one mile and one lock, to visit Fenny Stratford for Tesco and Screwfix.
It was all going so well despite the crosswind but it all went wrong at the lock, as I left the lock the wind got up and I was blown into the side, towpath side so that was a bit of luck.
Well it would have been if the piling had been in good condition but bits were hanging off and bolts sticking out, more scratches.
It took all our strength to push her off and move her along the canal to a sheltered place so that we could continue the journey.
In the heaving and shoving I missed the bridge number and continued on, it was not until the next bridge that we realised my mistake, we had missed Fenny Stratford.
Nothing urgent so decided to carry on to Stoke Hammond, it had a pub, next problem towpath had changed sides and so the wind was blowing us away.
Have you ever tried to moor with the wind in the wrong direction, oh it is fun (not) and of course whilst we are mooring a boat comes the other way.
Eventually moored, not a bad spot and walked to the village, pub closed no signs indicating opening times, the village shop was open so picked up a few items there.

This may be the best bit of the village

Leighton Buzzard was the destination, it is market day.
Not so windy today but still not getting the wide locks right with only me in it, practice will make perfect no doubt.
Beautiful sunny weather and the wind dropped even further just as well, we had to pass Wyvern hire base and their boats were three abreast, could only just get our narrow boat through, wished for once that I had had a wide beam they would have of had to moved at least five boats for one to get through and they were also blocking the winding point. (rant over).

Approaching Leighton Buzzard the towpath is for 'long term permit holders only' then a water point then a two boat length with  two hour limit, it was full. So through the bridge, a space, with a ledge under the water, we did move further along and found a bit without a ledge.

The walk into town is worth the effort especially if you find the little side alleys, found a great café up one.

The old fire station

Waitrose and other 'big names' in the town but we will be going to Tesco's tomorrow, it is right near the canal and we know our place.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Oops - a typo. You certainly missed Fenny "Compton"

I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of cruising on windy days, or recognising when not to cruise and stay in the warm.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

I think the winding hole may belong to Wyvern, but as you say, its tight.

Bottle said...


Thanks Paul.

I have edited it.
Yes hind sight is a wonderful thing and it may well have been better to sit it out, think we will be for the next few days.

Brian, you may well be right, it as just that it was shown in Nicholson's and any one wishing to use it would be disappointed.

Alan said...

I'm surprised the winding hole at Wyvern is shown in Nicholson, but I see it is in latest editions.

Pretty certain Wyvern dug it for own use, out of Wyvern owed property, so I think they would be justified in blocking it off.

The "regular" winding hole is at Brantom's (spelling) Wharf, just beyond the road bridge, south of Tesco, and near sanitory station, (which ain't one of the best!).

You are lucky if Wyvern are restricting themselves tro moored only 3 deep - we have several times encountered 4 deep, and with boats on towpath side opposite some of it to. A kind of slalom course, best attempted with a shorter boat.

We are back at Cow Roast, since moving boat on Sunday.