Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cowroast Return

We set off for Cowroast, lucky for us a boat went past just as we were about to release the mooring ropes.
That was a good start, as the locks could be shared, the morning weather was pleasant enough  and the sun did shine, although briefly.
Cannot remember the boats name, it had just had a repaint but the sign writing was yet to be done, they were taking it as far south as possible before a lift out and transportation to the Medway.
With two boats and a good chat the locks seemed to take no time, all seven of them.
The summit water level was down about 9 to 10 inches (about 21 cms for our younger readers) we managed to maintain 'full' speed by staying in the middle.
We entered Cowroast marina, that is very tight and there is an old railway line just waiting to gouge the side of the boat, it was close but we missed it.
Refuelled the generator tank at 0% propulsion, minimum sale 35 Litres and at £0.79 a litre and to think about ten days ago we filled at £0.60 0% propulsion at another marina.
We left the marina to go back the way we had come and thought to moor just a little way a long but it proved impossible, with our draft, tried another couple of times but still the same, Wozie said lets go back to the mooring we left this morning but that was 5 miles and 7 locks.
When we had gone down two locks there was an excess of water, in fact it was going over the lock gates, now how can the summit be so low and there is an excess two locks down. I wonder, should BW set up a 'back pump'.
The journey back was uneventful except it started to rain quite heavily, we made it back by 16:45 in total darkness, a first for us.
We now safely moored and the wind is picking up, so if the weather forecast is correct, it will only get worse, so may be here for a few days.
Well tomorrow is Sunday and Wozie has announced she wants Sunday lunch at the pub (Red Lion, bridge 130). Do not know if they do it or there is a need to book, we shall see.
So if you happen to be in the area and pop in, we will be the two reprobates in the corner, I suppose the pub does have corners.

A good chat but still concentrating on potential

Two views of Bulbourne, BWs yard where lock gates are made or used to be???

This building appears to be being used by a private company, building ironworks for gardens etc.

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