Saturday, 14 March 2015

Wormleighton Hill.

IMG_8527 IMG_8532 IMG_8529 Claydon top

Lovely sunsets across the field towards Claydon, then this noisy little boat came chugging past quite late in the evening. This derelict looking farm cottage is near the canal, I wonder if anyone lives in it though?

IMG_8540 Wormleighton Hill IMG_8541 Marina for one IMG_8543

I stayed inside Oakfield catching up with boaty work while the Cabin Boy steered around all the twiddley bits of this contour canal with a cold wind blowing. We sometimes get asked what do we do all day on the boat? We’ll the answer is that most of the jobs you would do in a house really. We spent one night on top of the world at Wormleighton with loud bangs every so often from those gas powered bird-scarers in the fields.Moving on we passed a “Marina for One’.which looked like the farmer had dug a hole in his canal-side field, dragged a boat in, then blocked off the entrance again with mud. Clever, eh? I wonder what Canal and River Trust will make of this idea?

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Gary Carolyn said...

Every time we pass that cottage we always say ,just imagine what you could do with that .. Didn't see that new marina it's cheap to moor there.......