Sunday, 15 March 2015


IMG_8545 IMG_8547 Napton IMG_8553

A C&RT chap was letting water flood straight through the lock next to the Engine Arm when we arrived. There were Donkeys and sheep in the field when we finally passed through it. See ‘Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs’ in the centre pic, and come in No21 your time is up!

IMG_8549 IMG_8550 IMG_8551

Soon we were on to the delights of the Napton Locks which were very low on water, about one to two feet below the usual level. We managed to haul out a large tangle of twigs and brambles before it fouled our prop. Then coming out of another lock there was an horrific banging noise and we could not move forwards. The Cabin Boy donned his waterproof gloves with extra long sleeves up to his elbows. On dangling himself down the weed hatch he came out for a sharp bread knife to cut the offending rubber fender off with tangled rope attachments. We do wish that boaters would not pass through locks with their fenders down. Not only can this damage the lock sides, the boat may get stuck, or the fenders pull off to tangle around someone's propeller, very annoying and very unnecessary!

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