Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Between B109 and B110.

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This mooring was on a nice straight run of tin with two others already here with an open field of sheep opposite. Nice we thought as we sat down inside for a drink, then we heard car horns blaring. It seemed that instead of slowing down drivers just parped several times, kept going, and hoped for the best! Planning permission had been obtained to erect weight limits on these lovely old red brick bridges, I wonder if this has made any difference? I always have a walk around the area and spied a BIG old tow truck at the garage on the crossroads.

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Nb Roots and Wings with Janice aboard followed by nb Futurest past us with a wave from Peter. While we were there we saw some dramatic skies and the farmer came with breakfast for his sheep every day. just before we left we saw a Mink running along the edge of the field which slid into the canal and swam away quite fast. Some Crows were squawking and dive-bombing at it, Sheep, Ducks and Moorhens also seemed to sense it’s presence.

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