Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bye Banbury.

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As our time was up and we were left all on our own, we set off early under the lift bridge to fill with water just beyond. Not many boaters use this tap, but it was in the sun and easy to walk down to the services with the rubbish whilst waiting for the tank to fill. Just then another boat entered the lock to come up, so we weren’t the only early birds He was single handed so I helped him up and the Cabin Boy wound the bridge up for him too. He moored up, then came back to kindly shut the gates for us after we had left the lock. One good turn deserves another, as they say.

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Although the boaters service station may look grand, it is rather groggy. The toilet is boarded up and padlocked. The gates to the Elsan Point and Rubbish area are left open and are dark, untidy and grubby. We moored below bridge 168 and walked over to Morrison's to top up our supplies as there are no shops near the canal for miles. While we were there “Growl Tiger” came out to catch some rays, nice isn’t he/she? Well it was supposed to be windy and rainy, but the skies stayed sunny and blue until after we had moored up just above Grants Lock, perfick.

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Gary Carolyn said...

Grubby is a good word for the services at Banbury..Last time we were here ,kids were doing drugs in the refuse part ... Not Good ...Enjoy your journey back up the South Oxford !!!