Thursday, 5 March 2015

More lovely trees.

 IMG_8484 IMG_8486 IMG_8487

C&RT have been busy down bothe sides of the South Oxford Canal and left the logs piled under the hedge, towpath side. Hope you like these trees Gary! The towpath was well mown and wider, as the hedges have been well cut back hereabouts, hurrah! Because of this however we had to fish out clumps of floating twigs and vegetation above the locks. We also cleared the overflow weirs out with our keb.

IMG_8476 IMG_8488 IMG_8489

There was a long line of newly dug ‘pyramids’ along this towpath where the Moles had been busy at work. Also stone filled Gabions had been used to build up a nice solid towpath on one stretch. The cottage beside Kings Sutton Lock is for sale, although a newly erected sign refers to it as ‘Tarver’s Lock’. South of here badly needs dredging though as progress was slow where it was so shallow.


Marilyn McDonald said...

I've googled it but cannot find an explanation - what is a keb please? Do I need to buy one? Last year a friend cruising with us and I knelt and lay down on the locksides and used the windlasses to claw free-floating reeds from behind lock gates, so we could lift them out and chuck them into the hedgerows. But I have a sense that a keb may be what I need, if only I knew what it was ...
Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)

Bottle said...

Hi Marilyn

They have various names such as, manure rake, drag rake and more.

This link is just to show you what they look like, we have no connection with this company.



Gary Carolyn said...

Just my luck to miss all that lovely wood. ...It looks better on the ground than it does stood up in the air.