Sunday, 8 March 2015


     IMG_8473 Twyford Mill        IMG_8440 Twyford Wharf

Twyford Mill sits by the River Cherwell looking unloved and hardly used, but it is surrounded by a very busy industrial estate. The Birmingham to London and Oxford railway lines run past on other side of it. The M40 criss-crosses the canal being noisily pounded by continuous traffic day and night. 

    IMG_8441       IMG_8442

Even the road over the sleepy little Twyford Wharf has it’s fair share of traffic. The small red brick bridge over the canal is withstanding all the heavy pounding of large lorries crossing it, so far.


Gary Carolyn said...

So with all that noise I guess not very good for mooring ? ....where's the tree pictures, I so look forward to them ....Gary and Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Har-de-har Gary! It is noisy in quite a few places down the South Oxford Canal as the motorways and railways are close by fairly often.
Thank goodness for double glazing eh?
Ann and Keith.