Monday, 2 March 2015

Busy in Banbury.

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Lucky us, we had another family visit while we were there and went into town to get the children’s feet checked in Clarks Shoe shop on their technical gadgetry which is very precise. Only one new pair needed this time, then we went off for lunch together. It was a very good idea having brightly coloured coats for the boys so we could easily spot them  amongst the hoards of shoppers in the Quay Centre. It brightened up nicely in the afternoon, so we were able go to play in Spiceball Park, what fun.

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We waved Gary and Carolyn off into the early morning showers. Whilst here they had their Granddaughter staying aboard. What a lovely girl, who kept us amused with all her chatter. We had very much enjoyed our time there with them and lost count of how many times we had been out for meals out together. It seems to be an expensive business mooring so near to the town centre with all the lovely shops and eateries being so close. Maybe we’ll meet up again soon, eh?

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Gary Carolyn said...

Hi Ann and Keith, Great pictures as always, but no pictures of trees!. At least you got into the park and had some fun.. At least it wasn't that expensive to eat out as it was at the good old Spoons. Looking forward to the next time....Gary and Carolyn on the good ship Inca