Saturday, 28 March 2015

Norton Jucnction.

IMG_8637 Rookery Nook IMG_8645b IMG_8649

Well it was a little quieter here, but the cold wind was gusting fiercely rocking the boat around. So much so, that the Cabin Boy almost missed our mugs when pouring the drinks. C&RT chaps were busy replacing the footbridge as the old one was rotten, apparently. 

IMG_8650                IMG_8657a

Just after we turned left around the Toll House and moored up we had a brief hail storm! Being perched on a high ish embankment we had some clear views across the countryside. The weather was rather changeable, as the sun hid behind dark clouds, then reappeared to produce a stunning sunset once more. However it was warm enough for us to go down to sit on the seat by Buckby Top Lock to do a bit of gongoozling one afternoon. Happy Daze.

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