Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Braunston Bakes..

IMG_8601  IMG_8626 Wheatsheaf Inn IMG_8602

More delightful homemade goodies, a different selection this time too and most enjoyable. The bakers have a face book page and you can pre-order things via this which is good. The next pop-up bake is on May 2nd. This is a notice I saw in the Stop House about feeding the ducks and if it is accurate that’s a lot of bread that is wasted on ducks! Not only that, but it causes pollution in the canal too. The last sentence suggests feeding Oats, Corn or defrosted Peas instead. If you have ever stopped by Tesco in Leighton Buzzard you will have seen the worst example of this out on the towpath there.


Gary Carolyn said...

Carolyn said , Did you get the cheese Scones that were scrummy last time ?????

Anonymous said...

There were NO cheese scones, or little chocolaty cookies either, shame.
However the fresh cream meringues, ginger biscuits, sour-dough loaf, cheesy twists and foccatia bread were all very tasty, hurrah!