Friday, 2 May 2014


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We heard the Cuckoo a few days ago on the Market Harborough Arm.  Although there weren’t many boats around we did have a neighbour nestling in the reeds in front of us for a while. Moving on we watered up in the basin and the Cabin Boy let me steer Oakfield up while he worked the locks.

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When we passed the wagtails nest to our delight the chicks had hatched out and the parents were very busy gathering food. After mooring at the top I popped down to photograph them. This took a lot of patience and I also got cramp keeping still for so long.

Next day we went to catch the bus into MH for a few fresh items and arrived early at the stop. While we were waiting Sue from the  stopped by and kindly gave us a lift. She told us that they have moved to the centre of the village and having a new store which is nearly completed. This will be handy for the boating community and you can also shop on line and have fresh fruit, veg and meat delivered, brilliant!

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