Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The hatchlings.

IMG_6192            IMG_6223 wagtails a

You may well be wondering how the hatchlings were fairing with all those gongoozlers around and boats passing by their nest in the lock wall. It was fascinating to watch the poor hardworking parents bobbing around catching copious amounts of insects. Then they had to wait for the coast to clear, before plucking up the courage to fly to the nest. Every time they heard the parent birds nearby their beaks flew open saying ‘feed me’. greedy little perishers!  We visited every day we were there to watch their progress.

IMG_6263              IMG_6256 b 

There were scary moments when flies flew near the nest and the chicks leaned out to catch their own food. I just hope they don’t lunge out too far, then plop into the waters beneath. Anyway they grew from hungry skinny little creatures into ugly chicks having a bad hair day! This one could be Victor Meldrew! So, just how many flies have to be caught daily to feed a growing family of Wagtails I wonder? I am just very grateful that they help to keep the flying insect population down!

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Angela said...

You take the most fantastic photos - you should be a pro! xxoo