Tuesday, 13 May 2014

To moor, or not to moor?

IMG_6104 nr Foxton Village            IMG_6131

The boat in the distance was moored in Foxton to some Armco, then there is this long stretch of concrete edging with 7 Day moorings indicated along it. So, can you spot what is wrong in this pic? Well, there are no rings to moor to and no grassy verge to hammer your pin into either. Further along, however, there are 14 day moorings on Armco, with rings newly set into concrete blocks. So, you can’t help thinking that these were put in the wrong place can you? Recently Maffi put a picture on his blog where there were rings, with pins also installed in the same place, duh! nearby there was a footpath running through the yellow stuff, you can only just see the people walking through it.

IMG_6090 Owl

Btw, “Owl” got left behind after the Easter gathering of the old working boats. When we walked past Sam was working away in the engine room so we stopped for a short chat .Even though he has not done a service on Oakfield for about three years, he remembered our boat name, amazing!

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