Friday, 16 May 2014


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After a lovely few days spent with friendly neighbours near Mountain Bridge we pootled on along. When we got as far as Yelvertoft a boat was catching us up fast. The steerer was zig-zagging a bit because he had difficulty peering around the six large orange fenders along the sides of the roof. We slowed at Crick passing moored boats and looking for a place for us to moor and he nearly ran into the back of Oakfield. Anyway they pulled in front of us to moo and  the boat was, Matilda Blue!

    IMG_6321                                       IMG_6320 

Whilst in Crick we enjoyed a roast lunch at The Red Lion again. To my delight they were still serving mulled wine, so as it was a chilly day I opted for one of these. We also had a day trip to Northampton where the stalls were set up in the market square, many of which were unoccupied, shame. Paddy and Ruth caught up with us for a day, before we headed off in opposite directions again.

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