Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Siesta time.

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We are enjoying the countryside in the sunshine and are too lazy to write much on here.

Does anyone read it anyway?


Kath said...

Well I do :-)
Kath (nb Herbie)

Wozie said...

Thanx Kath, that makes it all worthwhile then.

Les Biggs said...

I think a lot of reading is done on all our blogs. I further think a lot of folk just don`t want to comment but to me that`s fine as long as they enjoy our posts.

Wozie said...

Yeah, but how do we know our readers enjoy certain topics?
If I am impressed, amused or concerned, I will always send a response to the blogger.
Thanx for your comment though Les, I supose we all enjoy composing our blogs.
Although sometimes seems a bit futile with no feedback.

Jacquie said...

Of course we do. Feedback and comments are always welcome aren't they. But I know what you mean, I can remember posting a question some time back, wondering whom all the visitors were from ie USA, OZ, Brazil etc, and was disappointed no one responded as to why they follow my blog, or what their fascination with the canals was, it was such a shame because I would have loved to have heard their stories. Never mind ! Take care guys.

Wozie said...

Thanx Jacquie. I supose it is easier to reply to people that you have met. It is also easy to comment on an interestingly written blog with good photos of people and places visited.
At the moment I am enjoying touring Spain and Portugal on Paul and Elaines super blog the Manly Ferry. Although I have never met them I feel compelled to leave comments occasionally.