Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another fab BH W/E.

IMG_6109 b    IMG_6253              

It was hard to leave our tranquil mooring spot which was well out of reach of all the activity around the locks, so we stayed put. We like ‘people watching’ and I am always amused at what they are wearing, especially their shoes. It is also an eye-opener on how they control their children, or not! Who can manage to steer their boat across this short pound without hitting the corner stones on the right? Not that many, so it seems! There were hardly any boats moored above the locks the whole w/e though. Maybe boaters don’t like people staring through their portholes and asking daft questions about life aboard. I left the Cabin Boy resting on the seat while I went to buy chocolate ice-cream in a cone, luvly jubbly! The weather was sunny over the four day weekend and although the top lock cafe brought in extra supplies, they almost sold out of their delicious ice-cream.

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