Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In the galley.

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The evenings were cool and it had rained most nights, just the way we like it. So I cooked  roast lunch aboard on Sunday  We have been sharing the lovely local brews that our daughter brought for us and very nice they are too! I am the galley slave, but the cabin boy seems to have taken over doing the washing up, hoorah. He is also responsible for putting the ingredients into the bread maker for our daily crusty loaf. It smells fab when it’s done and he takes it out to cool down, making any passers by drool.. The small packet of Wrights ready-mix bread seemed to go mad rising right up to the top of the bread maker! This doesn’t take as long to cook as our usual half white, half wholemeal loaf does.

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Sometimes he forgets and we run out of bread and have to resort to our standby store of cheese and crackers. As I usually have eggs, milk, flour, lemon and sugar aboard so I also occasionally make pancakes for our mid-day snack. We eat these from our plates that were made especially for us! Another favourite meal is Broccoli Cheese-bake with Bacon and Chips, this can all be cooked together in the oven, perfick!

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Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely meals indeed! there is nothing like sitting down to a home cooked meal aboard a floating home--especially when the weather outside is cold and wet.