Friday, 9 May 2014

Laughton Hills.

  IMG_6270         IMG_6273

I like snuggling up in bed with the comforting sounds of raindrops pattering on the roof of the boat. Then the following mornings seem to be very bright and clear. It was such a morning when we moved off early-ish through the gently rolling hills. Perfick cruising weather with very few boats around.

IMG_6278            IMG_6279 Hus Bos tunnel

The farmers were busy in a huge field adjoining the canal. All the overhanging branches have been neatly cut right back along this section of the Grand Union. This makes it much easier to see approaching boats around the twiddley bits. Also boats don’t get scratched along their sides when passing other boats, well done to the  CRT contractors. We passed through the short Husbands Bosworth Tunnel without encountering another boat in there, .Our solar powered lights in the cratch always come on in tunnels! Next we saw the clearing work that had been done ready for digging out the new Marina at Kilworth. The field is slightly below the level of the canal already and is ‘saucer shaped’, ideal setting really.

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