Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Crick returns.

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President and Kildare came steaming around the junction turning left down the Oxford Canal. Then we wandered along to the Stop House to pic up the June issue of ‘Towpath Talk’ to browse through. While we were chatting to the lady on duty, I spotted this canal art picture hanging in the office, which adds a dash of colour.

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Many boaters have been returning from the Crick Show and telling us how muddy it all was, especially the car park. I like this little idyllic ‘room with a view’ with Clematis climbing it’s walls. There was a huge swathe of smoke hanging over the boats in the distance. I think in this drizzly damp weather the smoke is unable to rise above the chimneys. We have relented and re-lit our Squirrel to warm things up a bit too. On my return from shopping I heard someone sploshing through the puddles behind me. On turning round I saw the familiar face of Ian Gosty Hill and invited him in for afternoon drinks. We had quite a bit of news to catch up on between us. Later his friend rang to say she was ready to go, so he left to get a lift. It was lovely to see him again, and he told us that Gosty Hill is for sale at £30,000 if you are interested in acquiring it.

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Ange said...

Yes, we too are now fed up with this cold, wet weather but what can we do!!
Except - light the fires!! xxoo