Tuesday, 1 March 2011


We have walked into Rugby twice over the last few days to meet up for a chat over coffee with our friends. Yesterday we were reunited with Del and Al on nb Derwent 6 and exchanged our winter cruising experiences with them over drinks. It was lovely to see them as we hadn’t met up for quite sometime.

IMG_0002 Both of us run boat blogs, so follow each others progress from time to time and pick up plenty of boaty tips on where to cruise and the best places to moor up to go exploring. So we learnt, it’s no good us going up north just yet as Del has gathered up all the spare wood already! He has half a tree on his roof for cutting up at the moment. Lovely to see you two again, and also to be with Paul and Lynne at the same time.  How time flies by when you are among good friends.


nb piston broke said...

he just wants to get his spanners on my engine

Del and Al said...

we had a lovely time, it's great to catch up....but don't know who those two people are lol