Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here, there, and everywhere.

IMG_0001 blacking

During the fine weather Bottle touched up some of the paintwork that had been scuffed off.

IMG_0015 Coffee Refil £1.50 IMG_0005 

We have found out that most supermarkets do our favourite coffee in handy re-usable pouches which also works out cheaper to buy. Much lighter to transport and easier to dispose of than the glass jars. Re-cycling facilities along the canal system are very few, which means holding onto them for long periods where space to store them aboard  is limited. We have discovered a new sliced loaf by Hovis that we like called ‘Hearty Oats’. it is made from 50% wheat flour and 50% oats. It makes a nice alternative to the bread we bake aboard with 50% wholemeal, 50% white flour. The beauty of the sliced loaf is that you can take a few slices out of the freezer when the homemade loaf runs out. Another onboard success we have had is the Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake from Tesco. It is lovely to have one in the freezer if I am too lazy or it is too hot to make my own cakes. Thanks go to Dave who introduced us to it, and it has been enjoyed by many fellow boaters on board for tea. Can you guess what the picture on the right is?

2011_03_25_0324 -1

This Mallard nest was on the towpath, the dark area (top right) is the canal we walked past her on our outward journey, without seeing or disturbing her, she was seen returning to the nest after Bottle took the photo’.


Dave Winter said...

So glad you like it.
It looks easy enough to make your own while your cruising and using the oven.Might be cheaper to make a batch.
Take care both.

bottle and wozie said...

Hi Dave

Thanks for the link will have a look, going North this year, so will miss seeing you, sorry about that.