Saturday, 26 February 2011

Trolly Bridge.

The title refers to Masters Bridge (58) on The Oxford Canal near Rugby. It seems to attract more trolleys being thrown into the canal than anywhere else on the system. Paul pulled two out and we dragged those back down the path to Tescos. We did chat to a BW man who comes regularly to throw a rope with a grappling hook attached to trawl stuff out from under this bridge. This is one he found earlier which looks like a boat has run over it.


Also during the heavy rain muddy water gushes down from the road drains here straight into the canal. No wonder the canals get so silted up. The towpath is not much better at the moment, as it is just a long line of large muddy puddles for us to negotiate. We don’t mind it being freezing cold, or very hot, then at least it is all dry. It’s just when everything is so muddy that we get a bit bogged down and walking anywhere is not so much fun.

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