Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Braunston road re-texturing.

IMG_0035 Trackblast Road Re-texturing

As we made our way along to Midland Chandlers we saw this Trackblast lorry which was blasting the top surface off the road at snail pace.

IMG_0036 Magnetic Sweeper Irish

Following along behind him was a Magnetic Sweeper collecting all the fine grit. The lads stopped and got out occasionally to take the full boxes of grit off and put them in the back of the lorry.

IMG_0037 Sweeping up They were very efficient, pulling forward and sweeping up the spillage of grit  with a dustpan and brush. There was a convoy of five vehicles in total. A truck in front and another behind with traffic lights mounted on each. It was roadwork's in motion, amazing really as there was no need to close any part of the road off causing chaos. If only the canals and towpaths could be kept in good condition as easily and efficiently as this there would be no problem.

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