Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Old Work Boats.



We passed by the butty ‘Success’ which travels the waterways selling crafts etc. The painting and detail on this boat is absolutely beautiful.

IMG_0047 Pushtug Mouse


These two boats are always moored near Braunston Wharf. The unfinished one could be, someone's new dream boat, or an old boat being refurbished. I think we have seen the push tug ‘Mouse’ in action, so is still a working boat. There are two other push tugs like this called ‘Mole’ which is still on the canal, and ‘Frog’ which has been abandoned on land. We hope to get a photo of it on our return.

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Michael & Krystyna Wooding said...

Hi There,

thank you for your kind comments about our butty Success. We cannot lay claim to any of the current paintwork and decoration, but we shall be redoing some of it in our colour scheme (the same as on Draco, our motor.

Enjoy this life, it's great!

Mike and Krystyna