Wednesday, 9 March 2011


IMG_0011 mixed weather  Our journey to Cropredy was in a mixture of weather, sun, occasional showers, cool breeze, blue and grey skies. As we cruised along through Fenny Tunnel we only encountered one other boat. Two BW contract workers were cutting trees back and clearing the overhanging scrub. Hooray, no more scratches all along the paintwork when we pass other boats next time.

IMG_0005 sunbathing chickens These three hens were taking advantage and doing a bit of sunbathing.

IMG  0010 nutgarden I liked this little miniature nut-garden by one of the the lock gates. We passed through the only other pair of cast iron lock gates on the system which are at Claydon. The other pair have just been refurbished and reinstalled at Hillmorten, remember?

IMG_0009 Clattercote Wharf Further on down we saw the busy Clattercote Wharf, I wonder what the origin of that lovely name is? Then we arrived at Cropredy in time to moor up just before another shower of rain.

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