Sunday, 13 March 2011

Banbury Museum.

IMG_0002 Anenome IMG_0001 Baracles

‘Anemone’ and ‘Barnacles’ were part of the Sensory Art Exhibition which visitors were encouraged to touch. The exhibits were specially made with blind people in mind and was excellent.

IMG_0007 Noahs Ark

IMG_0008 ToysThe Museum was on the upper floor and had a wonderful arrangement of old toys.

IMG_0004 Weaving Loom   IMG_0014 County firemark

On the left is an old loom for weaving ‘plush’. I’m not quite sure what fabric was woven, but the plush was made by raising the knap of the material to produce a velvety texture. This is the fire- mark of the County Insurance Co which would be displayed on the front of houses that had paid for their insurance against fire.  I wonder what happened to the dwellings that had no such mark on display. There was a splendid fireman's helmet and some tokens, one of which would be given to a fireman who had pumped the water pump for 45 minutes. He could then exchange this token in the local tavern for beer.

We like Banbury very much, the shops are all within a short walking distance of the canal. It is rather a noisy place though, but that is to be expected with a population of 46,000.

Now that the emergency repairs have been completed on the lock below the town many boats are back on the move again.

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