Friday, 18 March 2011

GC, The Railway and Narrowboat Travelling Cat.


We first met GC, short for Ginger Cat, aboard his narrow boat Alnwick on which he had enjoyed many happy voyages. Although he lived in a house, most of the time, he was never very keen on travelling between the two by car.


He knew all the warmest places where he could curl up to relax undisturbed. His bed was in the top of the bookcase, although the top of the radiator or the engine were also great favourites of his. As you know when boats moor up to the towpath it could be on either side of the boat and GC has  been known to jump off the wrong side and end up rather wet.


Here he is at Crick Show last year, he pricked up his ears when he heard the steam powered narrow boat President blow his whistle as he approached with butty Kildare. Having spent quite a few years living on the Great Central Railway where Graham worked as a volunteer, it was a familiar sound to him, so Graham took him to watch the manoeuvres.












It is unknown how many years GC lived rough on the station and just how many return trips he took as a passenger aboard the trains.  However he became rather fond of Graham, so when he left GC went home with him and has enjoyed twelve years in great comfort being waited on by Graham and Jane. He was such a mysterious individual character of indeterminate age and definitely a law unto himself. He endeared himself to many humans on his travels that he will be greatly missed around the canal system.

As befitting a cat of great stature he had his own website Link



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So sad .......

Maffi said...

Oooo not a volunteer but the boss.