Wednesday, 9 March 2011


On Sunday we made our way up the locks to cruise along to one of our favourite country mooring spots on Wormleighton Hill. As soon as we had tied up we sat in the cratch with our cuppa tea looking across the landscape to Napton windmill bathed in the deep orange sunset. It is so peaceful there and the sweeping views across the fields are breathtaking. We saw a hare bounding across one ploughed field, too fast for me to catch a photograph!

IMG_0004 Swans

The swans were busy helping themselves to the farmers crops.


The sheep had a notice saying ‘NO HS2 RAIL LINK’ on their WW11 abode.

IMG_0007 Noahs Ark

We saw that one of the farmers had his Noah's Ark ready to evacuate his animals in case of flood.

An early start on Monday saw us scrunching through a thin layer of ice that was lingering in the shady spots. On arrival at Fenny Compton we found that the internet signal was not much good. We decided to walk into the village which was about a mile. Being lunch time Bottle said I’ll treat you to lunch at the Merrie Lion. When we got there it looked as though it had been closed for sometime. Never mind, we got the Radio Times in the Co-op and headed back to do the crosswords and track word puzzle.

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