Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Olde Reine Deer Inn.

IMG_0010On arrival in Banbury we thought we would try the lunches at one of the oldest inns there in, Parsons Street.

IMG_0009 built early 1500s  This is the mosaic entrance to the left of the large double courtyard gates carved with the name of the previous owners, the Knight family, and the date 1570. The Globe Room was built on to the rear of the inn in 1673 and has beautiful carved wooden panelling. It may have been the meeting place of the Roundhead officers when they were planning the siege of Banbury Castle.

IMG_0004 The Globe Room 1637 IMG_0003 Olde Reindeer Inn

We had Chicken and Stuffing Pie with plenty of chips and fresh vegetables at one of the tables with lovely painted cast iron legs. All around the walls were old local pictures depicting the buildings history.

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