Thursday, 30 September 2010

Anniversary cruise.

We left Warwick down the two Cape Locks, stopping for victuals in Leamington’s Tesco's which is conveniently located next to the canal with mooring bollards provided. Continuing on we moored just below Bascote Locks in a nice quiet spot. The next day we ascended the locks, one of which is a staircase one. We shared Stockton Locks with another boat and it’s very energetic owner, so we were at the top sooner than expected.  IMG_0020 Boat Inn Bar  We then moored at Birdingberry Wharf and went for a celebratory drink in the Boat Inn before cooking our favourite evening meal aboard. Flirty nine years married, a bit of an achievement these days, how on earth have we managed that I ask myself? I was surprised when Bottle broke with a long tradition of not buying me a present, to give me a beautiful necklace he had bought at Gloucester Docks.

IMG_0021 Calcutt Marina The next days cruise took us up Calcutt Locks to turn left passed the old wooden sunken boat which is still managing to block half the canal. Our friends on nb Tranquility had spotted a space near them and invited us in for coffee and catch-up chat on arrival. IMG_0026 Belly Button I liked this unusual boat called Belly Button which had a Ruston Hornsby engine. We also spotted another Fernwood boat called Oggi. Betty and I bussed into Daventry for a mooch about on Tuesday while the boys did boaty things. Yesterday Betty and I travelled to Rugby to meet Lynne for lunch and girlie chatter. Their boat Piston Broke is in the process of being stretched, ie it is having an extra eight feet welded into its length.

IMG_0034Braunston boatyard was busy when I took our recycling items along and visited the book exchange. So after an enjoyable few days with our friends they kindly helped us trundle off up the locks, once through the tunnel we have moored near Norton Junction overnight.

IMG_0035 Norton Junction This evenings sky was all shades of purpley blue and we have a 3G signal for posting, hooray!


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I read Flirty nine as Fifty Nine and thought, they aren't that old and if they are I hope I look that good. Congratulations anyway.

bottle said...

Thank you Brian, yes we are not that old, just feel it sometimes.

Debbie said...

Aww Congratulations, I think that's lovely!