Saturday, 11 September 2010

Worcester to Tibberton and Stoke Works

IMG_0001 Blockhouse lock Cottage

Before we left Diglis another Fernwood boat passed us by going south, it was ‘Scarpa’. There are still some solidly built redbrick cottages left along this canal. All of them seem to be well loved and in good repair too. This one stands alongside Blockhouse Lock. The lock gearing is rather stiff on some of the gates, so I am tackling it with our long handled windlass which makes it easier.


IMG_0003 Lockside Cottage built 1910 





This one is at Lock 15 and bears a 1910 date stone.Astwood Locks Cottage

This one is at Astwood Locks and advertises free range eggs for sale and second hand windlasses for £6! I wonder how many of those they have managed to collect by the lock?



I like these old blue engineering bricks that survive on the lock side edging in almost perfect condition. They are especially interesting when they are stamped clearly with a makers name, place and date.


Friday could only be described as warm, but ‘mistling’, the sort of weather that keeps you damp all day whatever you do. We moored overnight at Tibberton and went for an evening drink at Speed the Plough Inn. The landlady told us that it has been an Inn since 1695, was once covered with thatch, and also had a Butchers shop adjoining it. They have a vast collection of clocks old and new, all showing different times too.

IMG  004 Signal Box on GlosBirmingham line

Today we passed this nice little signal box on the Gloucester Birmingham Line near canal bridge No 17 .

IMG_0005 Dunhampstead Tunnel 236 yards

Then through Dunhampstead Tunnel which is only 236 yards long.

IMG_0014 Boat Railway Inn Stoke Works

As we had both had showers and had the washing machine going en-route we stopped to fill with water opposite The Boat and Railway Inn. We are now moored just a little further along from here at Stoke Works.




Yesterday we did 14 locks, 6 miles, in 4 hours, this was because nearly all the locks were in our favour. Today we were also lucky enough to meet boats coming down and the locks in our favour. We usually set off mid morning, travel through lunchtime, then moor up late afternoon. Today it was quiet around midday as all the Vikings on their hire boats had stopped for lunch at the pub in Hanbury Wharf.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I tried to photo a train passing the signal box but instinct made me pan with the train and I missed the box, nice photo of a train but it could have been anywhere