Saturday, 11 September 2010

River Severn to Worcester Birmingham Canal.

We had to pass by Upton on Severn as the moorings were all occupied. It was a pity because it looked quite interesting up on the bank.IMG_0032 Upton on SevernIMG_0035 near Upton on Severn

A bit further on from Upton were these lovely riverside park homes each with it’s own mooring space.

IMG_0042 new footbridge

  A fairly new footbridge stretches across the river just before the Diglis River Lock.

IMG_0045 Diglis LockWe turned right off the river here to join the Worcester to Birmingham Canal. I jumped off on the pontoon and up to set the first of the two locks. Once through Diglis Basin we found a nice, but rather noisy, mooring spot with rings to attach to. The whole of the surrounding area is being transformed into residential complexes. Although there is a mass of new flats, luckily some of the old warehouses have also been utilised.

IMG_0002 gable detail

IMG_0005 Star window








Here are a couple of nice details that have been retained on the old buildings.

Worcester walkabout.

IMG_0038 Tudor House NT

IMG_0039 wonky shop

These are just two of the beautiful Tudor buildings which are in Friar Street. One is a rather wonky shop and the other is Greyfriars which was built before 1651 and now owned by the National Trust.

IMG_0009 Edgar Tower entrance to College Green

IMG_0022 Ethelred Ethelflaeda








We wandered through the Edgar Tower entrance into College Green, then into the Cathedral, where there were some nice stained glass windows in the Cloisters. There were also the six old bells on display, as they had been replaced.

IMG_0020 Beauchamp Tomb 

This is the Beauchamp tomb, he is wearing a knights armour, she has her head on a black swan, and they both have there feet on little dogs.

IMG_0030 The Old Rectifying House

This building overlooks the river and is called ‘The Old Rectifying House’. It is now a pub, but does anyone one know what it may have been used for in the past?

At  a gateway from the river walk to College Green previous flood levels are recorded. Of the many listed these four are, in order of highest first are 1672, 1947, 1886 and 2007.

IMG_0050 Floodlevels highest,1672,1947,1886 2007

Not clear from the photo’ but the highest could not be reached.

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