Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Visiting the Dentist.

Our visits to the dentists are now completed and Bottles treatment has finished. He is a happy man now, even though he is much lighter in the wallet area. It was exciting to ride on the top deck of the bus looking out across the spectacular Gloucestershire countryside. This reminded me of when we were children and taken by our mother to Gloucester for a day out. Our treat was always to ascend to the top floor of the ‘Bon Marche’ for a fish and chip lunch!

IMG_0007 This new hollow rusty steel ‘sculpture’ has been erected in the Victoria Basin area of the docks. It  is 68 foot tall and represents a candle, apparently! Gloucester Heritage financed the project and their comments on it were,' ‘Public Art can add significantly to local economies’. Maybe it will look more attractive at night when it is lit up inside. Will it ever justify it’s cost of £150,000 by attracting visitors here to part with their cash, I wonder? Or will they continue to be lured in by the lovely old warehouses, new shops, restaurants, cafes and various types of  boats continually mooring in the docks? 

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