Monday, 13 September 2010

Tardebigge Locks - going up.

IMG_0001 Landmark Trust Holiday Cottage

This lock side Cottage now belongs the The Landmark Trust who rent it out for holidays.           IMG_0008 Lock gate paddle gearing

IMG_0003 Paddle gear is right   left handed

The paddle-gearing on the lock sides can be used right or left handed. Although some of it is rather hard to turn it is all kept in tip-top condition. The rounded beam handles are on the ends of the beams, just where all beam handles should be really.

IMG_0005 Big aerial

This cottage had a big aerial, with an even bigger one just being installed in the field nearby.

IMG_0011 Lock Cottage with the most aerials

But this one had the most aerials, four in all!

IMG_0013 Gongoozlers who helped with locks

These are our ‘gongoozlers’ who helped us by opening some of the lock gates for us. One of the ladies asked us if our boat had a name! Although she was wearing glasses, we didn’t think that she had been to Specsavers recently!

IMG_0018 BW 1995=96

There were some more interesting impressed lock side edging bricks here. British Waterways 1995-98.

IMG_0021 Hereford Worcester CC 1974-97

Hereford and Worcester County Council 1974-97.

IMG_0014 Tylers Lock on the Water

‘Tylers Lock on the Water’ seemed to be uninhabited.

IMG_0029 chicken walk winner

                 IMG_0024 Lock beam stile








I liked the re-use of the old lock beam ends on this chicken stile.

How lucky are we, all the locks except one, were in our favour. We only met two boats going down and one of them was nb Bendibedig who also run a blog. So, with Bottle on the tiller and me doing the 28 locks we completed the run up in just four hours, lovely jubbly! No doubt we may be a bit creaky tomorrow, but we have an easy day with only one 14’ deep lock and two tunnels.

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